About Zonso Group

Helping organizations simplify and centralize encryption for over 40 years

What is Zonso Group?

Trusted by enterprise organizations around the world, Zonso Group has spent the last 40 years building a reputation for reliable, innovative data security solutions. Zonso Group maintains a philosophy of exceptional customer service, best-in-class technology, and future-minded solutions that are quick to deploy, giving our customers everything they need to protect their most sensitive data.

What cryptographic solutions does Zonso Group offer?

  • Hardware security modules
  • HSMs for encryption, validation, and authentication. Universally compliant and easy to integrate
  • Key lifecycle management
  • Turnkey solutions for managing the full key, certificate, and token lifecycles
  • Secure storage
  • High-volume storage and scalability for multiple data types
  • Remote and centralized management
  • Configure and monitor your entire cryptographic infrastructure from a remote, single pane of glass
  • VirtuCrypt cloud service
  • Enterprise-grade cryptography through Futurex‚Äôs VirtuCrypt cloud
  • Customized, first-to-market solutions
  • No matter your organization’s size or security needs

The Zonso Group approach

Comprehensive design philosophy

Zonso Group maintains cross-disciplinary expertise in hardware design, software and firmware engineering, regulatory compliance, enterprise architecture, project management, and technical support.

Security and compliance

Zonso Group maintains data centers in all major regions of the world to meet your data residency requirements.

Our solutions are validated by security standards like FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM. Our hardware has physical and logical security, and is signed in our TR-39 and PCI PIN-certified secure facility

Future-proof and forward thinking

At Zonso Group , we are constantly expanding our services through extensive R&D and custom projects with Tier 1 enterprises around the world. As we move forward, Zonso Group will continue to help organizations stay ahead of the changing cryptographic landscape.

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